The Money Shot

Date: May 18, 2014 Category:

The Money Shot

‘The Money Shot’ explores the way that as money and financial instruments have become increasingly abstract and dematerialized, contemporary artists have investigated the visceral, affective and thoroughly material aspects of money in all its modern guises and disguises. Concentrating on the tropes of burning and falling; the staging of disappearances and reappearances; and the promises and implied lies of contracts, it tells the unbelievable story of the art collection of the Royal Bank of Scotland, a parable for the way that the value of artworks and financial instruments can literally disappear overnight, leaving only a few ghostly traces of what formerly seemed so real.

Rhiannon Williams, My Loss Is My Loss, paper patchwork hand-stitched from used lottery tickets, cotton, adhesive interface with card backing, 500x80cm (2001-11), image courtesy of the artist
Ulf Aminde, Schamdruck, still from video (2009) image courtesy of the artist and Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin.
Geraldine Juárez, Hello Bitcoin, stills from video (2013), image courtesy of the artist
Victoria Bradbury, Foreclosures 2.0, single channel projection of a processing sketch (2011) courtesy of the artist.

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