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Pit yourself against the wisdom of the crowd. Are you smarter than the other players?

Can you double-guess what others are thinking?

In effect, can you beat the market?

Look through the following pictures from the exhibition, then answer two questions.

1. Which image do you find most interesting?


This is my favorite!

FIG 10_BillBalaskas_TheMarketWillSaveUs_2013_Banner_23.4x6.8cm_KalfayanGalleries

The market will save us (2013)
Courtesy of the artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens –Thessaloniki. Photo by Dominic Tschudin. Project realised with the generous support of Ms Irene Panagopoulos.

This is my favorite!

Fig 24 Beard, BullsBearsMarket copy

The Bulls and Bears in the Market (1879)
Courtesy of The New York Historical Society

This is my favorite!


Revelations X (Apocalypse) (2009)
Courtesy of the artist.

This is my favorite!

Black Narcissus (2014)
Courtesy of the artists.

This is my favorite!

Debt and Her Debtors_fig12_r

Debt and her Debtors (2012-13)
Courtesy of Jared Polis

This is my favorite!


Midas, transmuting all, into paper (1797)
© Trustees of the British Museum

This is my favorite!

Fig 2 Hogarth, Emblematic Print

An Emblematic Print on the South Sea (1721)
© Trustees of the British Museum

This is my favorite!

Fig 20 Recent Panic (LoC)

‘The Recent Panic Scene in the New York Stock Exchange on the Morning of Friday, May 5th.’

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (18 May 1893)
Courtesy of Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress

This is my favorite!

Presented by the artist 2006, accessioned 2008© Cildo Meireles

Insertions Into Ideological Circuits (1970)
©Cildo Meireles, image courtesy of the artist, Galerie Lelong New York and Tate

This is my favorite!

Figure 9

Griftopia (2011)
Courtesy of the artist.

This is my favorite!

techsoft as - P.O.BOX 132, N-3201 Sandefjord,NORWAY

Pujo Committee Report (1913)
Courtesy of FRASER (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

This is my favorite!

Fig 9 Simon Roberts, Credit Crunch Lexicon_r

Credit Crunch Lexicon (2012)
Courtesy of the artist.

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