“at last a cultural historical survey leading up to the Financial crisis of 2007”
The Guardian

“an in-depth exploration into our endless fascination with money, and the havoc it often wreaks”
The Independent

Best exhibition around the UK, June 2014
The Times

“a morally critical view… of the financial system”
Free Thinking, Radio 3

“What is most striking about this exhibition is its breadth and its inventiveness…entertaining and sometimes challenging…a thought provoking book accompanying the exhibition.”
Financial Times

“An excellent new visual arts show graphically exposes the world of high finance”.
Morning Star

“What Show Me the Money does most successfully is to showcase art as a powerful tool for understanding.”

Manchester CreativeTourist

“The exhibition is free to enter. But the experience is worth a great deal more.”

The Skinny

“This populist and enjoyable touring exhibition has found a perfect new home at Manchester’s People’s History Museum, and is well worth a visit.”

Northern Soul

“the PHM is the ideal place for the show, as money – in excess or in deprivation – affects us all”

Manchester Confidential

“This exhibition is essential viewing”

The Manchester Review

“this is a very clever exhibition, which tells a damning tale of the history of the finance industry made accessible through drawing not on the language of finance, but the visual language of cultural commentators and artists.”

Red Pepper

Press Reviews and Media Appearances

Nicky Marsh speaking on Radio Solent, 7/10/14


Hampshire Chronicle preview of Caroline Criado-Perez at Chawton House Library


Feature on BBC Online News


Review in Financial Times [PDF]


Interview with Peter Knight on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking on 12/6/14


Review in Newcastle Evening Chronicle


LSE Library ‘Social Sites of the Week


Nicky Marsh on Podacademy Podcast


Review in The Journal (North East)


Review in The Morning Star


 Review in Corridor 8


Review in Creative Tourist


Review in The Skinny


Review in Northern Soul


Review in Manchester Confidential


Review in The Manchester Review

Publicity Images and Press Releases

There are publicity images and press releases available to download on this page.

PHM Press Release PHM Press Release


Crabapple, DebtandHerDebtors small


Molly Crabapple, Debt and her Debtors (2012-13). Courtesy of Jared Polis.

download Debt and Her Debtors

Let This Be A Sign

download Simon Roberts new commission

Simon Roberts, Let This Be A Sign (2014). Courtesy of the artist.

Jane Lawson Detoxification 1


Jane Lawson, The Detoxification of Capitalism and Freedom (2014). Courtesy of the artist.

download Detoxification of Capitalism

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